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Hi guys I’m going to talk about this silhouette traffic and I’m decided to talk about Solo ads because it’s one of the most popular methods to generate traffic in a paid way and is so popular because it is ringing results very fast because you are paying per clicks.

Working with Solo ads traffic

you are getting this click. So it’s basically buying clicks from an email owner and he’s sending your affiliate link to his subscribers and you know in advance how many clicks you were going to get so you can arrange with for this person that you want to buy 106 and you know, the pricing is violence. You may also get some bonus light from seven to 10% more clicks by the amount that you agree or you won’t get so this is why it’s so tempting because when they are just promoting your link in social media, the result is not going so fast.

Because you’re posting a link somewhere. You’re not going to get 100 places like in a couple of hours. So that’s why many people that start with a flea marketing jump into Silhouettes. But what you have to remember is that these are coldly.

So, these are not people that were looking for this kind of offer. They were just interested by this subject of an email and then by the copy and that’s why they clicked but probably they’re not ready to pay for the products right away because they were not, you know expecting this.

So this is very important to have an opening page in yourself final because if you’re not collecting emails you you’re probably going to say it because as I said people rarely by straight away and from my own experience, I can tell you that I’ve never sold anything straightaway.

I’ve collected a large number of lease and I was able to convert some of them later in my

Elders Thunder sequence, but yes, this is the role of an elder is from the sequence like for example, a six or seven days sequence where you tell more about the product and encourage them to buy because you know, for example, maybe this is a person will be interested in the offer. But just because they were not expecting to buy straight away. They need time to think about it and you have to give them this time and that’s why you need to have the email because otherwise, I cannot come back to them.


So where can you buy a so low as you can go to Marketplace? It’s like Udimi and there you have a very wide selection of solo ads vendors and you can see their prices per click. You can see the percentage of sales that the people are using guessing with them. You can read the reviews. So, you know, what kind of traffic they deliver if the police are Goods at if the service was good in general so you can really make a decision on your own and whether you prefer for example to buy less more expensive leaves that are better quality or you want to try with a larger number of leads and cheaper price. So yes, it’s up to you.


But honestly, if you are just starting with affiliate marketing then I would recommend you to focus at first and the free traffic methods. I know that you’re not going to see the results so fast, but you going to see the results and you don’t have to spend money to get this resolved. So,I personally would really recommend starting with YouTube with Facebook with Instagram.

Then when you have some experience you can try out with silhouette and I’ve already recorded the video about free traffic. I will leave you the link below so you can watch it later. And yeah, so I would really recommend you start with this kind of metals and then consider doing still alive because it’s easy to spend a lot of money and have no results. So, it’s better to First have some sales without much Investments or with knowing this

And then once you have some money back, you can invest in the pay traffic messes. And if you’d like to speed up your results with builderall a little bit, and then I encourage you to join the million-dollar passive income challenge that is going on right now because it’s pretty going viral is getting great results. So, I’ve recorded already two videos about that. I’m going to leave the links below this video as well. And I will also leave you the link to the challenge yourself so you can join straight away.

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