Discount Policy

Our main goal is to enable you to produce the leads you have to develop your online business. As expressed above, we ensure a min 30% alternative rate (half choice rate on Enhanced and Distilled traffic orders) on your up and coming publicizing effort. At the end of the day, we're certain our leads are so focused on and responsive that 1 out of each 3 guests we send your direction will enter their email address on your email catch page. This assurance is substantial for whatever length of time that you utilize an Ihsan Solo Ads LTD email catch page, which we will work for you gratis and associate it to your email autoresponder (Aweber, Getresponse or Sendlane) There's additionally an alternative to interface the point of arrival to another Autoresponder programming through Zapier.

Your new email catch page is likewise the following device which decides the last choice rate of your battle. outsider following programming information won't be considered on the grounds that it can't be 100% approved. On the off chance that we neglect to convey the guaranteed alternative rate on your battle, you will get a prompt no problem discount or a full free re-send of your whole advertisement crusade to a site of your decision.

In the event that you run your publicizing without our crush page, you relinquish the Optin Insurance ensure. We will convey your preferred traffic to a greeting page, yet we won't most likely certification results. We will utilize our in-house following programming as the benchmark tracker for your battle. outsider following programming, for example, ClickMagic,, LinkTracker, ClickMeter, TinyURL and others won't be considered as legitimate information.

We're focused on conveying 100% best level traffic to your offer. Hope to get a large portion of the visits from the United States and the rest of over the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada. We utilize keen geo-focusing on programming to hinder any non top level guests to your connection. However, shockingly, no such programming is impeccable and there's a slight shot of you getting a stream of non top level visits. In the event that you do, we will send extra best level guests to your point of arrival to cover for the non top level visits. For instance, on the off chance that you requested 500 ticks and got 535 guests out of which 15 guests are from India (non top level nation), we will send an extra 15 one of a kind best level guests to your point of arrival to cover for those.

You may demand to change the site (or some other specialized part of your set up) whenever. These solicitations are handled inside 3 business days. The change demand's due date is 24 hours before your crusade goes live. On the off chance that you presented your demand under 24 hours before the crusade goes live, your battle will be conveyed to the underlying connection you settled upon with your set up.

We have no power over your autoresponder account nor any outsider administrations anytime. This is the reason, when we have conveyed the endorsers of you, you are the sole one in charge of the email development, or some other promoting strategy you seek after. We won't issue a discount dependent on the autoresponder settings you continue with, for example, regardless of whether to pursue our recommendation and cripple 'twofold select in'.

Retraction Policy

In the event that you wish to drop your promoting effort in any way, shape or form (as long as we haven't begun conveying your request) your discount will be prepared inside up to 14 business days (typically a lot quicker) of accepting a composed demand and you will be charged a 20% abrogation expense.

Why The 20% Cancellation Fee?

In the event that you book a plane ticket with any aircraft, when you present your request, either on the telephone or on their site, your seat on that plane is bolted. Also, on the off chance that you wish to drop your request - there's dependably a crossing out expense you pay. It's presence of mind with regards to carriers. Also, we trust it's presence of mind with publicizing efforts as well. Since simply like aircraft organizations who secure your seat on that plane that is flying out on a specific date at a specific time regardless - so is the traffic you're booked to get. Hence we implement a comparable arrangement with our customers as carriers do.

On the off chance that your publicizing effort has begun and you approached to put it on hold for reasons unknown, it isn't qualified for a discount and it must be continued inside a maximum of 30 days. Inability to do as such will result in end of the crusade and no discount will be given.

Any unredeemed traffic orders more established than 90 days aren't qualified for a discount.

Requests can be put on hold, however can't be dropped beginning 48 hours from the planned crusade "run date." If for instance, your battle is booked to begin on March fifteenth, irrefutably the last time to ask for wiping out is midnight EST March twelfth.

You will be discounted in full if Ihsan Solo Ads LTD chooses to not run your battle under any circumstances.

Installment Plan Members

In the event that you pursueed your request with an installment plan, you may drop your membership whenever. If it's not too much trouble note that in the event that you present your demand to drop under 24 hours before your charging is expected, you don't abandon us enough time to drop your promoting effort preceding the following cycle starting, and in this manner will be charged a 10% administrator expense.